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Tutago Tutor App Creating Waves In India

By Deepak Arora

Akash AhujaNEW DELHI, Aug 28: The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, had said "the object of education was to produce a desire to serve the community as a whole and to apply the Knowledge gained not only for personal but for public welfare.''

Taking cue from the words of wisdom from Pandit Nehru, a young brother-sister team of Akash Ahuja and Ashima Ahuja founded an App called Tutago that helps connect students with the right kind of tutors for their all-round educational growth.

Tutago is one’s personal tutor and is a one-of-a-kind digital platform where students and tutors can contact each other. It is already creating wave in India. Besides English, the App is available in Hindi and six other Indian languages.

Mahatma Gandhi had said “there is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” While parents stay busy these days with the hassle bustle of modern day life, the young entrepreneur Akash thought why not bring students and tutors together on one platform for the right education where all – parents, students and tutors – stay happy.

Speaking to, Akash Ahuja, co-founder of Tutago Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said “Tutago is a unique and modern India’s Integrated Platform for each individual. It is not just a platform for established academics; it is also an opportunity for intelligent and passionate individuals to become educators.”

Going with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for skill development and to help people get and create jobs, Ashish Ahuja said Tutago is also a job opportunity platform for lakhs of young Indians.

Ashima Ahuja, also co-founder of Tutago Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said “Tutago is a possibility for everybody who is interested in learning anything or wants to earn extra by delivering its knowledge. Anyone can enroll as a Student or a Tutor anywhere, anytime. Tutago gives an opportunity to every individual from a working individual to a housewife.”

Ashima AhujaAshima said "we have prepared our platform, Tutago, in such a way that everyone can be enrolled in a possibility to become a professional teacher or student or both at the same time. In this way we are creating numerous possibilities of employment for every citizen of India. We are providing a platform to everyone to become their own masters just by teaching what they know."

She said "it doesn’t matter the person is literate or illiterate. Even an illiterate person can teach what he knows well like farming, sewing, carpentry etc. Many people want to get skilled in such jobs but they do not have the access to the masters in these fields near their location."

Ashima said "we at Tutago dream to create a world where there is a possible way for everyone to become his/her own master just by delivering the knowledge of what he’s skilled at. We would like to people to earn money with dignity."

Ashish Ahuja said "we do not charge when a person register's as a tutor or as a student. This way we are helping the needy in a way so that they can fulfill their needs by delivering of what they know."

"We are also working of translating our website in Hindi and few other prominent languages so that more and more people can be helped through our platform. Through our platform, tutors can earn as per their capability and knowledge and, therefore, sky is the limit," he added.

Hence, he said Tutago is helping entire Indian community by creating numerous possibilities of self-employment for every citizen of India with grace.

Ashima said “Tutago’s beauty lies in its way of workability by which a student is directly paying the fees to the tutor after the completion of a session of one hour.”

In a span of just three months, Akash said "Tutago has about 1200 Tutors out of which 500 Tutors are in Delhi/NCR and rest 700 tutors are in the States like Maharashtra, Kolkata and Kerala."

He said "We also have about 200 students in different location those are getting benefited with this portal."

Besides English, Ashima said the App is available in Hindi and six other Indian languages. The major Indian languages on which the website can be accessed include Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, kannada, malyalam, Marathi and Punjabi. Very soon it would be available in Tamil and Telugu. This way we would be able to give benefit to most of the people across India, she added.

To a question on how Tutago takes care of the security aspect of tutors, Akash said "once one signs up for the services at Tutago, one becomes a registered member on the platform. For signing up on Tutago, Tutors and students have to enter their basic details such as name, email ID and mobile number. The email ID and mobile number are verified by sending a confirmation email and an OTP on their register mobile number. Without entering the OTP one cannot be registered."

Ashima said "Tutors signing up for the services are required to produce a valid ID proof along with a proof of address. Proof of academic degree earned must be submitted. On the tutago App we have an emergency toll free number for both students as well as tutors.
For students’ safety, she said “we encourage the students to enter the phone details of their parents as well.”

To loving son,


resting in

eternal peace

By Dhamija Inderjit

KARNAL, Aug 23:

Gaurav -
My sun,
my moon,
my stars,
my sky...
Oh , maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic,
because we have not met for long ——
on your 3rd PARINIRVANA DAY ,
at least you deserve at this much
from a helpless papa.......
Wow -
you are to ur
for two years now ....
and We Will need some more time
to wrap our head
around that fact.
We can't tell enough
how sad We are of you...
Your wit, your humour, your strength,
your kindness, and even your mischievous.....
We miss you terribly.
Lots and lots and lots of love and love
always and forever....
biiiiig hug!"

I-Day celebrated at Gaurav Dhamija international Masonic centre in Karnal

By Deepak Arora

KARNAL, Aug 15: Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the premises of Gaurav Dhamija international Masonic centre here.

National flag was unfurled at the top of the centre and National Anthem was sung by all those present. A warm salutation was given as mark of respect to the National Flag.

KB pandit, Chairman, Haryana Pattrkar Sangh, explained the importance of independence to the underprivileged who were special invitees at the function.

He reminded that our elders had to pay a great price to free us from the shackles of the English people, who brutally ruled india for over 200 years and looted the treasures of India. So much so that no wages were paid to the labour working in their rule what to talk of dignity, he added.

Sweets were served to the underprivileged children at the function.

The function was presided over by Jagmal S Jattain, a senior lawyer of the Karnal Bar Association and was graced by KB Pandit, President Haryana Patrkar Sangh, Chandbir Madhan, former president of the District Bar Association, Vir Vikram Kumar, Municipal Councillor Karnal, Dhingra ji, an RSS activist, Rajan Arora, President, HPN Illuminy, besides a number of Freemasons of Karnal on whose behalf Inderjit Dhamija, the chairman of Gaurav Dhamija International Masonic centre made fabulous arrangements for the function.

A European village with 500 residents has turned into an outdoor gallery

STARO ZHELEZARE (Bulgaria), Aug 6: With fewer than 500 inhabitants, Staro Zhelezare in southern Bulgaria is a world away from the mean streets of Manhattan, but its houses and barns have now been painted with some of the most famous images from New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Andy Warhol’s banana, Salvador Dali’s clocks and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” are among the murals that have turned the village into a spectacular open-air gallery in what is becoming an annual event.

It is the fourth year that students from Poland have painted the walls of Staro Zhelezare, a project launched by Polish woman Katarzyna Piriankov and her Bulgarian-born husband Ventzislav who decided the theme this time should be the New York gallery.

“We always want to make our projects on the basis of contrast and absurdity, connecting them with special places,” said Piriankov, from the Polish city of Poznan.

“So, we decided to invite New York to Staro Zhelezare and its people. They also deserve to see the beauty of MoMA’s art works.”

As well as the locals, foreign visitors have come to see the street art.

“It is just amazing,” said Englishman Nigel Thompson. “I’ve never imagined something like that, you can even see Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel.”

Over a million space rocks could strike Earth with more energy than a nuclear bomb, and we don't know where most of them are

June 22: NASA wants to find killer asteroids before they smack into the planet. There are over a million potentially city-killing asteroids lurking beyond the edges of our sensory equipment, and we've only identified about a third of them.

Asteroids just 140 meters, or around 450 feet across, can explode with the force of multiple nuclear bombs.

The threat of an "Armageddon-like" asteroid colliding into Earth is more real than you might think.

Though an Earth-destroying asteroid of the size that a crack team led by Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck destroyed with a nuclear bomb is statistically improbable, NASA is taking the threat of smaller, near-Earth Objects (NEOs) seriously.

According to a new report the agency released earlier this month - which is based on a 2016 report - NASA is seeking to coordinate a strategy across a number of federal agencies to locate, track, and destroy asteroids that may pose a threat to Earth. It's a mission handed to the space agency from Congress, which passed a law in 2005 charging NASA with finding potentially hazardous NEOs.

"If a real threat does arise, we are prepared to pull together the information about what options might work and provide that information to decision-makers," Lindley Johnson, NASA's aptly-named Planetary Defense Officer, said in a press briefing.

NASA is focused on finding asteroids that are larger than 450 feet across, otherwise known as city-killers.

We're basically sitting on a moving target for these space rocks.

Asteroids of this size are difficult to detect, though they can pack a serious punch: if they smash into the Earth, or even enter our atmosphere, they can explode with the energy of least 60 megatons-worth of TNT - more powerful than the strongest nuclear weapon ever detonated.

"You do that over a city, and it's a very, very bad day," Mark Sykes, director of the Planetary Science Institute previously told Business Insider.

Scientists estimate that there are over a million of these city-destroyers lurking just beyond the edges of our sensing capabilities - and we've only discovered about a third of them.

Smaller asteroids can pose a threat, too. Take the asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013. The 65-foot asteroid - which no space agency detected before it entered the atmosphere, because of its small size - caused broken windows and a number of injuries.

In 1908, a 150-foot asteroid wiped out an area roughly the size of New York City over Tunguska, Russia with a force equivalent to a nuclear bomb. If that asteroid hit a major city, it could potentially cause millions of casualties.

One of the ways scientists want to find these asteroids is with the proposed Near-Earth Object Camera, or NEOCam, which is a space-based telescope that would find hazardous asteroids using an infrared camera.

NASA committed to funding the NEOCam last year, but its future is uncertain, as the technology remains in an "extended study phase," according to SpaceNews.

We need to find these asteroids before it's too late. An asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty - between 200 and 400 feet across - narrowly missed Earth in May, the largest asteroid to come that close to our planet in hundreds of years.



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