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Women's leadership to shape pandemic response and recovery

India, US ask Pakistan to take action against perpetrators of Mumbai, Pathankot terror attacks

Taiwanese suppliers for Apple to invest US$900 million in India

Modi calls for reforms at UN

Nirbhaya of Hathras killed by insensitive government: Sonia Gandhi

Republic TV manipulated TRP ratings: Mumbai Police

India, Japan looking at working together in Bangladesh and Myanmar: Jaishankar

No one can stop Army from patrolling: Rajnath Singh

US committed to protect Afghan people’s interests in Doha talks: Zalmay Khalilzad

Peace process must ensure Afghanistan’s soil isn’t used for anti-India activities: Jaishankar

Belarusian Venus: Bruised female nude takes aim at police violence

India may see 7 million Covid-19 cases by October, says study

Coronavirus created in a govt lab in Wuhan, says whistleblower Chinese virologist

India joins US, Russia, China in hypersonic Missile club

Over 60 Chinese soldiers killed in Galwan Valley clash claims US newspaper

India Extends Ban On International Passenger Flights Till Sept 30

United States keeps India on ‘do not travel’ advisory list

India responds to UN human rights chief’s criticism of situation in Kashmir

India elected non-permanent member of UN Security Council



India in dialogue with China to end six month old military standoff: Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said India was in dialogue with China to end a six month old military standoff and commended the Indian army for standing firm against any possible attempts at intrusion by the Chinese forces in the mean time. “The ongoing talks for peaceful resolution of crisis will continue," while “the troops are standing firm," Singh was quoted as telling senior commanders of the Indian army at their biannual commanders conference in New Delhi....more More

US stands with India in efforts to defend its sovereignty

NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday announced a deepening of ties across the spectrum with the US but stopped short of a formal alliance with Washington as both sides signed a key strategic pact allowing the sharing of satellite gathered real time intelligence. A joint statement released after the third India-US 2+2 talks – between the foreign and defence ministers of the two countries -- spoke of reinforcing ties in health against the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic, supply chain resilience, in the maintenance of a free and open Indo-Pacific, defence and defence innovation, counter terrorism, energy, space, cyber security and education....more More

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India considering trade talks with Taiwan

NEW DELHI: Support is growing within India’s government to formally start talks on a trade deal with Taiwan as both democracies see relations with China deteriorate. Taiwan has sought trade talks with India for several years, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been reluctant to move ahead because it would involve a messy fight with China once any pact is registered at the World Trade Organization, according to a senior Indian government official who asked not be named, citing rules for speaking with the media....more More

Modi cautions citizens on Covid-19 virus

NEW DELHI: Days before the start of an extended festival season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday warned citizens that the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was still active and present in India, there was no vaccine yet, and citizens would be putting their own lives and those of their family members at risk if they were irresponsible about safety measures such as social distancing norms and wearing masks. Modi, in an address to the nation, stressed that there was tremendous work being done — on a war footing, both globally and in India — to develop vaccines, some of which were in the advanced stages of trial. “The government is working on a plan to ensure that vaccines reach all citizens,” he said....more More

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Covid Vaccine To Be Ready in December

NEW DELHI: The Oxford coronavirus vaccine produced by India's Serum Institute could be ready as early as December and the first batch of 100 million doses should be available by the second or third quarter of 2021, said Adar Poonawalla, chief of the Pune-based company. "If we don't go for an emergency license, our trials should be over by December and then we can maybe we can launch in India in January subject to the UK trial also being completed which it's on the verge on being completed," Poonawalla said....more More

Global Himalayan Expedition from India among 2020 Climate Action Award winners

By Deepak Aora

UNITED NATIONS: In a year that has cast darkness upon many, the 2020 UN Global Climate Action awards, announced on Tuesday, shone a light on the positive action that many across the globe are taking, to combat climate change. Global Himalayan Expedition from India is a among the winners. While COVID-19 is the world’s most clear and present danger, climate change is a menace that threatens all future generations, according to the head of the UN climate change convention....more More

NASA awards Nokia contract to set up 4G network on moon

SAN FRANCISCO: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded Nokia of the US $14.1 million to deploy a 4G cellular network on the moon. The grant is part of $370 million worth of contracts signed under NASA`s "Tipping Point" selections, meant to advance research and development for space exploration. NASA said that the system could support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds and provide more reliability than current standards....more More

White House moves forward on three arms sales to Taiwan: Report

WASHINGTON: The White House is moving forward with three sales of advanced weaponry to Taiwan, sending in recent days a notification of the deals to Congress for approval, five sources said on Monday, while China threatened retaliation. The move in the run-up to the Nov. 3 U.S. election is likely to anger China, which considers Taiwan a wayward province that it has vowed to reunite with the mainland, by force if necessary....more More


Covid-19 antibody response wanes over time: UK study

LONDON: The antibody response to Covid-19 virus wanes over time, said a new analysis released on Tuesday based on finger-prick tests on more than 365,000 randomly selected people in England. The tests carried out at home between June 20 and September 28 found that the number of people testing positive dropped by 26.5% across the study period, said the researchers led by Imperial College London....more More

India sends Australia a Malabar invite that will give Quad a huge upgrade

NEW DELHI: Indian Government has invited Australia for the annual Malabar naval exercises next month with the United States and Japan already confirming their participation. The move is expected to further lay the foundations for the eventual formalisation of the QUAD grouping. According to people directly familiar with the matter, the Malabar exercises will take place in two stages on India’s eastern and western seaboard; the 2019 exercise took place from September 26 to October 4 off the coast of Japan. The naval exercise featuring the QUAD partners will be held on November 3-6 and November 17-20. The shared objective of all four countries is free and open navigation in Indo-Pacific....more More

Indian Govt wakes up after giving 'Evasive Reply' on Aarogya Sethu app

NEW DELHI: The Aarogya Setu app was developed in the most transparent manner with public-private collaboration in record time to fight the coronavirus, the government said today, in a detailed clarification after reports that ministries denied any knowledge of who created the app. The names of those associated with the app were already in the public domain, it asserted. "The Aarogya Setu app was developed in a record time of around 21 days, to respond to the exigencies of the Pandemic with Lockdown restrictions only for the objective of building a Made in India Contact Tracing App with the best of Indian minds from Industry, Academia and Government, working round the clock to build a robust, scalable and secure app," said the government....more More

With 5,673 new coronavirus cases, Delhi records its highest single-day spike

NEW DELHI: Delhi has crossed another grim landmark of recording over 5,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day. On Wednesday, 5,673 new cases of the viral infection were reported in the daily health bulletin. The 4,853 cases reported on Tuesday were highest so far. Before that, 4,473 new cases reported on September 16 had been the highest number of cases in the city during the second surge. The city had seen the first surge in cases in June-July, when the union home ministry had stepped in to control the spread of the infection. An expert committee headed by NITI Ayog member Dr VK Paul had said that the number of cases in Delhi could go up to 15,000 a day during the winter months....more More

People with Type O blood may be less likely to get the coronavirus or develop severe complications: Studies

LONDON: People with O blood type are less likely to contract the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, new research suggests. However, blood types A and AB are at most risk and vulnerable to the infection. Two separate studies published in the journal Blood Advances on Wednesday, October 14 indicated that people with blood type O are also at lower risk of developing severe symptoms, including organ complications....more More

Samsung beats Xiaomi to become number 1 smartphone brand in India: Report

NEW DELHI: Smartphone major Samsung is back at No. 1 position in India’s smartphone market. As per a latest report by Counterpoint, Samsung has recaptured the top spot in India. Samsung lost the top position to Xiaomi in the second half of 2017. The company, the report says, has reached its highest market share in India since 2018....more More




The Story of a Carpet is a short film portraying the making of luxury handmade rugs at Unlimited Style Rugs' factory in India. The Story of a Carpet is a short film portraying the making of luxury handmade rugs at Unlimited Style Rugs' factory in India.


Congress Party Election Campaign 2009Interview with Dr U S Awasthi, Managing Director, IFFCO


Kapil Dev on Diabetes - deadly disease Kapil Dev has come out in the open about his fight against Diabetes.


Rahul Gandhi meets Alwar gang-rape survivor, says ‘justice will be done’

Rahul Gandhi Tried to Mock Modi with New Word 'Modilie'

Stalin asks KCR to garner support for Congress

79-yr-old educated Pune woman lives life without electricity

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Mario Bellini, a multifaceted and innovative Milanese designer, has been awarded a Special Lifetime Award during the Salone del Mobile.Milano. The life time award to Mario Bellini is celebration for one of Italy’s most versatile and iconic architects and designers.


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Just continue to help, sustain, wipe tears, listen attentively and carefully repair all the 'leaks' you find

A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him. While painting, he noticed that there was a small hole in the hull, and quietly repaired it.When finished painting, he received his money and left.

How do Keto, Intermittent Fasting and popular diets affect heart health?

In a review of existing scientific studies on trendy ketogenic and intermittent fasting diets, researchers concluded that these diets do seem to help people lose weight in the short-term, and modest evidence suggests they may contribute to cardiovascular health.


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