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Kangana Loves Success And Spirituality

NEW DELHI, Mar 27: Kangsana Ranaut is very much in touch with her spiritual side and goes on retreats every now and then to rejuvenate herself. In a new video shared by her team on Instagram, the actor urges Indians to embrace spirituality instead of only running after materialistic pleasures.

“You must be thinking, ‘Kangana is a superstar, fashionista, and the best actress. So why does she become a hermit or a yogi sometimes?’ I find it weird that you people find it weird. The purpose of life is not only to earn money. Western thinking and capitalism has convinced us to earn money but where are those people today? They are all hiding in their houses and saying, ‘Take all our money but save us from coronavirus.’ People are now understanding that life is not all about their job, their social media profiles, their standing in society or even their relationships. Then what is life? Life is just life,” she says in the clip.

Kangana’s sprawling mansion in Manali was specifically built for ‘sadhana’ and meditation, she shared in the video. “I know that people would make nasty comments about me on social media, so I never said anything about this before. But now that everyone is hiding in their homes, I thought, ‘Why not share it?’” she said.

“It is not like sadhana or yoga is only for hermits. I love being successful, fashionable, earning money and enjoying the luxuries of life. But I don’t want life to suck me dry,” she added.

Kangana said that the West might be racist and discriminatory towards Indians, but when it comes to their own interests, they fall at the feet of prominent yogis like Paramhansa and Sadhguru. “From Julia Roberts to Madonna to The Beatles and even Steve Jobs, everyone had a guru,” she said, adding that the West takes the best of our things, repackages it in a western way and gives it back to us.

Kangana then went on to say that she meditates whenever she gets the chance to and rued that the current generation has forgotten Indian culture. “Along with living life king-size, we must also learn to be worthy of what we want,” she signed off.

Irrfan in his fight against cancer: ‘If I get to live, I want to live for my wife Sutapa'

NEW DELHI, Mar 3: Bollywood actor Irrfan has been away from public eye for most of the past two years ever since he was diagnosed with cancer. Opening up on how he battled with the disease and weathered the storm, the actor said he and his family (wife Sutapa Deb and their two sons) have actually come closer.

Irrfan told Mumbai Mirror, “It’s been a roller-coaster ride, a memorable one. Happy moments were underlined because of the inherent uncertainty. We cried a little and laughed a lot. We became one huge body. You screen out noises …You are selective about what you want to filter in. I have gone through tremendous anxiety but have somehow managed to control it, then, let go. You are playing hopscotch all the time.”

Irrfan also added that he made the best of the time by spending it with his sons. “And the best part is that I have had all the time literally to see them evolve. A crucial time for a teenager, like the younger one. The older one isn’t a teenager anymore. What to say about Sutapa (wife)? She is there 24/7. She has evolved in care-giving and if I get to live, I want to live for her. She is the reason for me to keep at it still.”

The actor has still to completely recover from the disease. In a message ahead of Angreazi Medium’s trailer release, Irrfan had said in a video message, “This film Angrezi Medium is very special for me. I so truly wanted to promote this film with the same love with which we have made it. But there are some unwanted guests in my body... Whatever happens, I will share it with you all...And with this positivity, we made this film. I hope it will give you something and make you laugh, cry and probably laugh again. Enjoy the trailer and be kind to each other and watch the film. And yes, wait for me.”

About Irrfan’s fight against cancer, Sutapa had written on Facebook last year, “Longest year of our life . Time was never measured with pain and hope at the same time ever. While we take our baby steps back to work,to life I am submerged in prayers wishes and faith from friends relatives strangers and a connection with universe which gives us a small chance for this new start.”

She added, “It seems unbelievable …never ever I realized the meaning of the word unpredictable so well…never ever I could feel peoples wishes on my bones my breath my heartbeat which helped me to stay focused and kicking.. i cant take names because there are names and there are names I don’t even know who played angels. Sorry for not been able to answer individually but I know what you mean to us,”

Irrfan’s Angrezi Medium talks about the struggles of single father who tries his best to ensure his daughter fulfils her dream of studying in London. Elaborating on the subject of his upcoming film, Irrfan told the tabloid, “I sent my kids to an alternative school with hardly any facilities in the formative years. I have met hundreds of successful children from government schools, and very mediocre, highly non-stimulated children from private schools.”

Former TERI chief RK Pachauri dies at 79

NEW DELHI, Feb 13: R K Pachauri, a former chief of The Energy and Resources Institute, passed away on Thursday after a prolonged cardiac ailment, TERI Director General Ajay Mathur said. Pachauri was 79.

“It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing away of R K Pachauri, the founder Director of TERI. The entire TERI family stands with the family of Dr Pachauri in this hour of grief,” Mathur said in a statement issued by the TERI.

Pachauri was the chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) between 2002 and 2015. The panel was awarded with the Nobel Peace prize during Pachauri’s tenure in 2007.

“TERI is what it is because of Dr Pachauri’s untiring perseverance. He played a pivotal role in growing this institution, and making it a premier global organisation in the sustainability space,” said Mathur, who succeeded Pachauri at TERI in 2015.

In the statement issued by TERI, its Chairman Nitin Desai hailed Pachauri’s contribution to global sustainable development as “unparalleled”.

Pachauri was admitted to Escorts Heart Institute in the national capital where he underwent open heart surgery and was put on life support on Tuesday, sources said.

In 2015, Pachauri was accused of allegedly sexually harassing a woman colleague after which he quit the post.

Born on August 20, 1940 in Nainital, Pachauri studied at Lucknow’s La Martiniere College and at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Jamalpur, Bihar. He later went to the United States and studied Industrial Engineering and also obtained a PhD degree with co-majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

He started his career with the Indian Railways Varanasi.

Pachauri was a strict vegetarian.

Pachauri was one of the most respected voices on climate change and had been at the forefront of the drive to convince global economies to pledge to ambitious targets to limit carbon emissions in time to avoid a climate tipping point. It was during his leadership that IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore for their efforts to “build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.”

Chinese Ambassador assures Vijay Jolly safety, security of Indian citizens

By Deepak Arora

NEW DELHI, Feb 1: A nine member Indian delegation led by Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader & President Delhi Study Group Vijay Jolly met Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong on coronavirus epidemic here today.

Vijay Jolly expressed concerned on this disease spreading in Hubei and Wuhan provinces in China. He expressed mourning over the death of Chinese civilians who died due to this epidemic. Jolly expressed Indian support and solidarity with China and its citizens in its hour of crisis. He also raised the security issue of more than 50,000 strong Indian diaspora living in China with the Ambassador.

China Ambassador Sun Weidong responded by stating that under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, his government had taken swift and effective steps to deal with this epidemic. China shall build two 1300 bed hospitals within the next 10 days to provide medical care to all. It has deployed 6,000 doctors in the affected areas stated Chinese envoy to the BJP leader.

Adequate food and drinking water is regularly supplied. There no shortages. Safety masks have been provided to all. Citizens have been instructed to remain indoors to stop the spread of this epidemic. Now situation is coming under control.

The China Ambassador told BJP leader Jolly that his Government is determined to tackle this issue with patience and persistence. Sun Weidong also expressed Chinese Government's gratitude for India's support. He also reiterated the commitment of China to provide safety and security to life of Indian citizens in China.

The Indian delegation included Yogesh Tandon, Satindra Kumari, Shubham Gupta, Vijendar Yadav, Anjali Rana, Himshu Nagarwal, Nitin Ahuja, Ruchi Ahuja and Himanshu Rana.



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