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Let's Get Back To Nature


D P SibalNEW DELHI, June 4: Environment is the one word which concerns the whole world today and ironically living in the so called space age we find it shrinking around us day-by-day which makes us think of the need to encourage green jungles rather than concrete jungles.

Gone are the days when peacocks could be seen dancing on our single storey rooftops horses trotting on the green countryside symbolizing the clean environment of yester years, starry nights with billions of stars where one could see Cosmic harmony and equilibrium are no more to be seen as the modern day fast pace of life leaves a huge carbon footprint and pollution which needs to be controlled.

In my effort to paint for environmental awareness I have gone beyond the ordinary limitations to paint the limitless dimensions of nature and its myriad moods and manifestations to bring home the message "Let us go back to nature and not turn our backs to nature" and as beautifully described:

Let the mountains speak,

Let the skies remain pure and blue,

Let the birds fly in joy and freedom,

Let the flowers bloom and breathe fresh air,

Let the river keep their waters clean and transparent,

Let mankind keep this Earth green and clean like they inherited it.

So for us 5th of June should not be the only day to think of our environment, it should be everydays practice to keep it green and clean and that's also what my Canvases convey.

Man quits Rs 3.5 crore salary job at Netflix because he was bored of it

NEW YORK, June 6: A man who used to work as an engineer for Netflix in the US quit his job after he got bored of it. He used to earn Rs 3.5 crore a year.

Michael Lin joined Netflix as a senior software engineer in 2017 after leaving his job at Amazon. "At the time, I thought I would stay with Netflix forever," he wrote on LinkedIn.

"I made $450,000 a year (about Rs 3.5 crore), got free food daily, and had unlimited paid time off. It was the Big Tech dream."

That's why, when Lin quit in May 2021, everyone thought he was crazy.

"My parents were the first to object. For them, my quitting was throwing away their hard work of immigrating to the US," Lin said. "My mentor was the second to object. He said I shouldn't quit without another job lined up because I'd miss out on leveraging my high salary when negotiating my pay at the next job."

This made Lin wonder if he was making the right decision. He waited for three days before speaking to his manager about quitting.

Speaking about what made him decide to leave the well-paying job, Lin said that during his initial years he learned a lot on the job. "Working at Netflix was like getting paid to work on case studies you learn about in MBA programs. They made the memos for every product decision available for all employees to read, and I learned so much every day," he said.

But the shine began to wear off in a few years and after Covid struck, almost everything that Lin liked about the job -- the socializing, the coworkers, the perks -- came to an end.

"The only thing left was the work itself, and I didn't enjoy the work anymore," he said.

"I wanted to have a bigger effect. For me, deciding how to allocate engineering resources was more relevant to my career goals than the engineering work itself, and I wanted to transition into product management to lead these efforts."

So, Lin spent two years networking within Netflix and applying for every product-manager role he could find but nothing worked out for him because he said Netflix didn't have any process in place to support horizontal role changes. "I've never seen an engineer successfully transition to product management at the company," Lin added."

"Now that transitioning into the product-manager role was out of the question, my high salary felt like an increasingly bad deal. When I started at Netflix, I was making money and continuously learning new things. Now, I was just making money, with no career progression."

In the months that followed, Lin lost the motivation to work and it affected his performance. During his last performance review in April 2021, he was asked to pull himself together if he wanted to keep the job.

He quit two weeks later.

Lin was afraid that the move would affect his career and social life but, the opposite happened. "I've met more people through starting my own business — other entrepreneurs, writers, and creators," he said.

He added that he felt a deep calmness inside him and believed that everything would eventually work out.

"It's been eight months since I quit my job at Netflix, and I've decided to commit fully to working for myself," Lin said. "Although I'm just starting and don't have any dependable streams of income yet, I'm going to trust the process that if I do work that energizes me, good things will happen."

Singer KK Died Of Cardiac Arrest, Says Initial Report Of Autopsy

KOLKATA, June 1: Bollywood singer KK died due a cardiac arrest, indicate the preliminary findings of the post-mortem report, according to a news agency. Police also said that there was no "foul play" behind the singer's death.

"The initial report suggested that the singer died because of myocardial infarction. There was no foul play behind his death. Clinical examination also found that the singer was having prolonged cardiac issues," said the officer.

The final autopsy report will be available after 72 hours.

KK was known for songs like 'Pal' and 'Yaaron', which went on to become big hits among teens in the late 1990s, often heard during school and college farewells and teen cultural events.

KK, 53, collapsed at the hotel where he was staying after a concert in Kolkata's Nazrul Mancha auditorium. Doctor at CMRI hospital said the singer was brought dead

The singer's sudden death after a concert in Kolkata had raised several questions about the arrangements at the venue.

Staff members of Nazrul Manch auditorium in South Kolkata said that the venue was overcrowded during the KK concert.

Many on social media claim that the AC was not functional at the venue and the heat became oppressive during the concert.



Singer KK dies at 53 after live performance in Kolkata

António Guterres reminds us of how far we have fallen away from Lord Buddha’s timeless teachings

IFUNA honors Ma Anand Sheela

IFUNA honors Ma Anand Sheela



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