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Trump will be good friend of India: Bobby Kalotee

By Deepak Arora

Bobby Kalotee with US President-elect Donald Trump

NEW YORK, Nov 10:

The one country that US President-elect Donald J Trump spoke positively during his pre-election campaigns was India.

One of the persons that sow seeds of love for India in Donald Trump campaign was Bobby Kalotee, a veteran political leader of New York.

When Trump had decided to contest to be a Republican Party Presidential candidate in June 2016, Bobby Kalotee was happy to join his very first supports from New York -- former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, Chairman of Nassau County Republican Committee Joseph N. Mondello and Chairman of Suffolk County Republican Committee John Jay LaValle.

While expressing his joy and happiness on the election of Trump as the 45th President of the US, Bobby Kalotee said he would be good friend of India and Indians. This is because Trump has similar thought process on education and success which is an important key to peace and prosperity.

Bobby said “I was very happy to call Trump a friend. Today I am very happy to call him my President-elect.”

The veteran New York leader informed that he joined the Trump campaign as America needed a change to go to the right direction. “Not only I believe in him as he has proved to be a leader in business, but now he will be a proven leader in politics too.”

He liked the President-elect’s conciliatory tone and tenor in his acceptance speech where he called all to come together as one united people.

Trump pledged that he will be President for all of Americans. He wants to be fair and have fair deals with the world.

He also liked Trump’s approach that “all our money has to be accountable. If it’s going to charity, we have to ensure that it doesn’t go to terrorists.”

Bobby Kalotee with US Vice President-elect Mike PenceBobby also mentioned of his close ties with Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

" I knew him when he was the Congressman. I also met him three times during the election campaign."

Bobby Kalotee is a man with the Golden Touch when it comes to pick up winning candidates -- be it local, State, national and international.

When it came to local elections in the great city of New York, Bobby was there to help Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and present Mayor Bill De Blasio. In the State, Governor George Pataki and present Governor Andrew Coumo. Nationally, he supported President George Bush (41st President), 43rd President and now 45th President. Internationally, he has supported Indian Prime Ministers I.S. Gujral, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now Narendra Modi.

Internationally he has supported President Andrzej Duda in Poland, President of El Salvador Salvador Sánchez Cerén and President of Malawi, just to mention a few.

But there are so many elected officials Bobby had helped to be elected for Supreme Court Judge, Local Legislator, Congressmen, Senators and County Executives. Bobby said if you know the candidates and learn about their believe that they really want to be elected to serve the people, you make your commitment and you help them. Bobby said "I never disliked the other candidates on personal level on opposite site, i just believe in my candidate views for better tomorrow. " 

It was similar story this year. When all odds were against Donald Trump, Bobby said he can win and he supported him. Rest is history.

Even though Bobby is Republican and Independent, he had picked up and supported winning candidates on the Democrat side too.

All these months, Bobby Kalotee has worked relentlessly for the success of his friend, Donald Trump. He effectively used social media to successfully campaign for Trump.

He took time out to go to religious gatherings, sports events and several rallies like India Day Parade, Columbus Day Parade and Dominique Day Parade to canvas for Donald Trump.

And Bobby did that successfully.




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